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Submission of appeal

Citizens can submit their appeals:

- by sending to the postal address: 04053, Kyiv, Lvivska square, 8;

- through Contact Center of the State Tax Service by phone: 0800°501°007, choosing direction "6" on the interactive voice answering machine;

- using the Internet, electronic communication means by sending to the e-mail address:

 ! in the form of a scanned copy or photocopy of a written application with the applicant's signature* indicating the date and place of residence or signed with a qualified electronic signature.

Appeal made without complying with the specified requirements, according to Part 8 Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On citizens’ appeals", will be returned to the applicant with a corresponding explanation not later than ten days after its receipt.

* According to the definition given in the Great explanatory dictionary of the Modern Ukrainian Language, a signature is "a surname or initials written in one's own hand under a text, drawing, picture, etc., as evidence of authorship or confirmation of something" (7th edition: of the Great explanatory dictionary of the Modern Ukrainian language (with amendments and additions on CD)/Compiler and chief editor V.T. Busel - K.: Irpin: VTF "Perun", 2009 - 1736 p. .: illustration - ISBN 966-569-013-2). Also, according to the Legal encyclopedia, the signature is defined as "graphic sketch that represents the identity of its executor and is carried out by executor for certifying document or confirming information contained in document and testifying to a certain relation to them of the person who signs." (Legal encyclopedia; In 6 vols./ Ed.: Yu70 Yu.S. Shemshuchenko (chief editor) and others - K.: "Ukrainian encyclopedia", 1998. ISBN 966-7492-00-1).

Working hours and telephone numbers:

Provision of information on registration of the incoming correspondence based on citizens' appeals is carried out by the Unit of accounting of citizens' appeals and control over their consideration of the Sub-department of organization of consideration of citizens' appeals and providing access to public information of the Operation Support Department on working days according to the schedule: Monday - Friday from 08.30 until 12.30 and from 13.00 until 16.30 by phone (044) 279°79°78.

Citizen's application form:

Form for submitting a written appeal to the State Tax Service sent by postal means or using the Internet or electronic communication means (electronic appeal).

Sample of documentation of citizen's written appeal to the State Tax Service.