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Press service

Contacts for Media representatives 

247-8155, 590-2743, tel.


Information for media

For comprehensive and objective coverage of activities of the State Tax Service of Ukraine, the press service of the State Tax Service of Ukraine interacts with media.

Media subjects are provided with maximum assistance and support in obtaining reliable information.

Media representatives have several ways to obtain information:

I. Requests for receiving any information related to activities of the State Tax Service or its territorial bodies can be sent in the electronic form to the e-mail box or in a paper form to the postal address: Lvivska square, building 8, Kyiv, 04053.

Please note that documents sent by the e-mail must contain electronic signature by which the sender can be identified.

In letter, we recommend specifying the following requisites:

- organization blank or data about the sender (title and/or name, postal address, e-mail address, contact phone number);

- requisites: original number and date;

- name of the addressee (institution to which document is addressed);

- clearly stated essence of question;

- title position, surname and first name of the official who signed document;

- name and surname of the executor of document and contact phone number;

- signature (scanned letter with the signatory’s signature) or qualified electronic signature of the signatory or qualified electronic seal of the sending institution;

- if attachments are specified in the letter, their presence is obligatory (marking number of sheets);

- clearly printed text of the letter and its attachments.

Letters that are not a request for public information or citizen's appeal are registered and considered according to requirements of record keeping, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №55 as of 17.01.2018 "Some matters of documenting management activities".


II. As a response to the request submitted taking into account requirements of the Law of Ukraine №2939-VI as of 13.01.2011 "On access to public information".

To submit a request for information, media representatives can use form located at the link;


III. As a response to appeal according to the Law of Ukraine №393/96-VR as of 02.10.1996 "On citizen appeals".

To submit a request for information, media representatives can use form located at the link

The specified Laws establish requirements and rules for submitting such requests and appeals, as well as terms of their consideration.


On coordination matters of media activities, media can contact press service of the State Tax Service:


phone: 247 81 55.