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Business owners of Vinnytsia region owed more than 1 billion UAH

, published 30 December 2020 at 13:49

According to the Tax debt department of Main Directorate of the STS in Vinnytsia, as of at beginning of December 2020, the tax debt to the consolidated budget amounted to 1 billion 65 million UAH (475.6 million UAH of which is the bankruptcies debt), including 459.8 million UAH of debt to the local budget.

In terms of the main types of taxes, Vinnytsia taxpayers mostly owed the value added tax (300.0 million UAH), income tax (114.2 million UAH), personal income tax (126.2 million UAH), excise tax (23.4 million UAH) and land payments (165.6 million UAH).

Tax debt department emphasized that all measures provided by current legislation are taken for prompt and full repayment of business entities’ debts to the budget. Due to this, 88.9 million UAH of revenues to the consolidated budget were provided during January – November 2020. Of these, 64.0 million UAH was allocated to the state budget and 24.9 million UAH to the local budget.

Particularly, due to the sale of debtors’ property (movable and immovable, integral property complexes, property of bankrupts) 4.1 million UAH was directed to budgets of all levels during January – November 2020.

In addition, during the reporting period, 12.4 million UAH was collected from bank accounts to enforce court decisions to repay the tax debt, according to executive documents. 0.5 million UAH was collected through internal affairs bodies.

However, despite all taken measures, taxpayers increased their debt to the consolidated budget by 73.5 million UAH or 7.4% during January – November 2020.

Full information regarding business entities that have a tax debt as of 01.12.2020 can be found at